Friday, 9 March 2012

When my bf (best friend) got married, 3 years ago...

I wrote this on my blog but my bff read this in dec and she cried and she laughed and i read it a couple of days after and i cried and laughed and cried again, it was awesome.

To cut a long story short, we are on each others bbs and i have gotten rid of my frenemies, one does not need too much friends, just real ones


I am excited; my best friend is getting married. We have been through so much together; we were in secondary school and university together. She got me through some of the toughest times i ever went through and because of her, i had most of the best laughs i had in school.
Why did i appreciate her? She made me laugh. Of all my friends, she is the one i loved most. Why? Cos she always made me laugh, she could always make me laugh, i remember when she laughed about some guys glasses steaming and making him look cute. I just could not get it and she laughed at my toes when they curled because i was embarrassed. She was the sunshine in our day every day. I could say that we spent all our days laughing but that would be a lie.
I remember the days we stood on bursary line to receive our bursary. The days we ate akara and garri with Gladys and ate TFC with nneoma, then ate my concoction rice with kehinde in A201. Do you remember Tender A104, the chic who jazzed our boyf and how they disturbed us on the day of ZLY exam? We used to hang around school with dele, ballz and Bruce. How chika, olive, and uche were your roommates and i wondered why i was not in your room but we would probably have fought so it is good we were next-door neighbours so i kinda had two rooms. Lol!
Do you remember when we had vals in yr 3 and went to Biggs to eat out. It was fun sha but i did not enjoy it so much. I appreciate those days so much now whether they were interesting or not. Yewande just got married a few months ago and her wedding was fun exactly the way i know yours will be. I am so sorry i could not make it to your house that Sunday but i will be at your wedding. Nothing on earth can keep me away.
There was the time she was hurt cos i went with my big mouth and told her everything i heard about her b.f then and she thought i was interested in her b.f. It was a Friday and loyal me, i cried and told her i was not interested in her b.f. i was so angry she would even think so and i cried and ran home that day but i loved her still. When I came back on Monday, we were friends again. So we had our misunderstandings and our weekends in Sheraton.
I remember our weekends at Sheraton, blissful. Everyone always said i was too introverted right, well apart from Joy, i think i told her the most i have ever told anyone about me except for my ex who knew a little more. Every potential b.f went through her screening. She always told me if they were good enough or if i was not to waste my time on this one. The phrase i remember her the most for was “not good enuf”. It is not like we saw each other every day but when we saw each other, it was like we were never apart. I love my friend and i am trying to say that while you were part of my life you blessed me.
I want to say that as you step into married life, God steps in with you and the seeds you have sown will indeed bear fruit for you in Jesus name. As a friend, you were a rock, not just to me but to everyone you came across and i know you will make a wonderful bride and be a wonderful wife to the man God has gifted you with.
Happy Married Life “my bestie”. Olubunmi Ordia. (Last time i will call you Ordia, imagine! Little bunmi is getting married, i miss you and i love you and i wish you all the best Life and God has to offer you. Nothing ever separates us from His love, remember that. ) Love you loads!

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